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About Us

About Us

AHI is proud to offer a full range of services for our doctors and their patients. From therapeutic services to medical consultations, we strive to make it easy to care for your patients. We do educational forums and conferences to educate doctors how to use our services and explain what we're all about, so please keep an eye out for our events. We're getting away from the big companies and their control over the pharmaceutical industry. We're here to give you a feel good, healthy lifestyle and a sense of well-being. We also want you all to know that you don't have to get a disease before you can get treatment. We're here to help prevent you from becoming ill and also to help you look and feel better overall. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email.


Therapeutic Services - Compounding Pharmacy

  • Registered, Licensed Pharmacy In State Of New York
  • More Than 120 Years Of Pharmacy Practice Experience
  • Modern, Computerized Compounding Pharmacy
  • Complete, State-Of-the-Art Certified Class 100 Clean Rooms
  • Diagnostic Services - EndoLab
  • Specialists In Hormonal Serum Testing
  • Radio-Immunoassay & Chemiluminescent Immunoassay
  • Thyroid Function Tests/Thyroid Antibodies, Reproductive Panels (Male & Female), Metabolic & Aging/Inflammatory Markers, & Adrenal Metabolites
  • Full-Service Supplies for Physician's Office & Online Results Provided

Consultation Services

  • Certified Endocrinologists & Gynecologists To Offer Free Guidelines & Prescribing Advice
  • Pharmacists To Custom Formulate & Compound Your Patient's Prescriptions & Answer Questions
  • Patient Care Specialists To Facilitate Order Fulfillment From Compounding To Delivery
  • Physician Preceptorship & Training Lectures Offered By Staff In Convenient Locations