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What We Do 

Optimizing your health and vitality. The traditional healthcare model waits for you to get a disease before treatment. AHI offers preventative treatments to optimize your wellnes, physical vitality, and energy. We work directly with your physician in a comprehensive evaluation using laboratory testing. An evidence-based scientific approach to optimizing your hormonal balance and metabolism using a proactive approach. 

How we can help you...

  • Weight Loss
  • Increasing Sex Drive
  • Boosting Mental Focus
  • Increasing Longevity
  • Increasing Energy
  • Mood Alterations
  • Preventing Metabolic Disease i.e. Diabetes
  • Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Preventing Muscle Loss
  • Preventing Chronic Fatigue
  • Preventing Inflammatory Disease i.e. Arthritis
  • Preventing Increased Cholesterol

Full Package of Services Includes

You will receive a fixed price for a yearly enrollment to include one initial consultation with a physician of your choice or your own physician, three diagnostic work-ups per year, unlimited specialized compounded prescription medication for a full year, three additional followup consultations, and a medical specialist offering guidance and support in developing and monitoring your treatment. There is no middle-man between your doctor, pharmacy and laboratory. Our competitors cannot do this and typically charge thousands of dollars for services per year. With AHI you get to see your physician for your existing conventional treatment, and you also stay with him or her for your wellness and longevity treatments. A Fixed cost is an advantage, as you are informed up-front what to expect.