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Endocrine & Metabolic Testing

Hormone Assays & Diagnostic Blood Testing

AHI works closely with our affiliate company, EndoLab, to deliver accurate hormone assays and diagnostic blood testing services. We are your source for endocrine, metabolic, and immunologic diagnostic blood testing. You can count on them to provide state-of-the-art hormonal assays thanks to the use of chemiluminescent and radio-isotope labeling double antibody methods. These ensure precise, specific detection of hormone levels and ensure greater reliability, sensitivity, and less cross-reactivity of hormones. Count on EndoLab and AHI to serve your patients and your practice in the most focused way possible.

Superior Service

We are dedicated to the highest quality of diagnostic testing and the most rapid turn-around time for results. EndoLab provides prompt online results with unique ranges based on sex, age, and physiologic state, unlike other laboratories that have ranges spread across too wide a demographic spectrum. Advisory service is available for interpreting results and testing online, and via phone, with clinical chemists and consulting endocrinologists - leading to more accurate therapeutic dosage decision.

Blood Sample

Endocrine Expertise

You will be able to make more precise diagnostic interpretations and consequently more accurate treatment decisions, with greater information for follow-up of patients on hormone replacement. Most assays are performed in-house and your results come directly from us. Your local and regional laboratories reference these unique tests out to research laboratories such as ours. Using our direct overnight FedEx cold-pack/dry-ice shipping there is less decay of specimens in transit. This eliminates pre-analytical errors. Unlike the other courier systems and drop-boxes, EndoLab has no need to move your specimens from one laboratory to another. EndoLab is credentialed by Medicare and most other insurance companies around the country. Your patients do not have to worry about their charges; we bill the insurance companies directly. Our licensing and credentials are approved by the DOH, CLEP, CLIA, and CAP.