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Ordering Tests

Ordering Tests

When you order a test, we will happily supply all packaging and shipping. There is no cost for these supplies to you or your patients. We work with most insurance companies. Here are our shipping instructions:

  • Call (845 471-0356 for shipping boxes and test tubes via prepaid FedEx clinical courier services.
  • Collect 3 SST tubes of patient blood, and 2 lavender top tubes.
  • Centrifuge SST tubes.
  • FedEx your specimens to EndoLab, including the top copy of requisition in the prepaid, pre-packaged box using pre-printed label provided by EndoLab.
  • Majority of test results are reported within 48 hours online. Other specialized tests require an additional 1-2 weeks.
  • For specific specimen processing instructions, please refer to our separate instructional blue card.

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